Looking for Johnny September


Apartheid has just falled, and a white man walks into a black bar and orders a beer. Everbody looks at him, but he doesn't care. A black man asks what he does here, and he tells him that he just passed through. The white man lies and tell he is a newspaper reporter, and he wants to write a serie about black people which have lost some relatives or friends under the apartheid.
The newspaper reporter tells that he want to write an article about Johnny september who was shot and killed in April 1990. The black man knew Johnny, infact very well. They plans to meet the next day, sunday. The repoter must pick up Frank Joubert, the black man, at his house.
The next day when the reporter comes to the place where Frank lives, which is a black quater, everbody steers at him when he steps out of the car. Frank feels indeed not very well when he meets him, because the reporter is white. But Frank takes him with to Johnnys family. The family tells about Johnny, that he was a good boy, he was not a terrorist as the policeman said. He just went to a local pub to drink a few beers with his friends, who unfortunately was ANC, which Johnny didn't knew. Johnny always send mony to his family, and he'd promised that he would build a house for them.
Then frank drove the reporter to Johnny girlfriends house, she tells he was special, there'll never be another Johnny. She raise their girl alone, she have forgivin, because she couldn't bear the hatred anymore, not beause the Good Book says. They drove back to Franks house in silence. When they gets back, Frank asks how old he was in 1990?. Frank knew that the reporter was the person who shot and killed Johnny september. The reporter was the policeman.

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